Who Can Benefit From Equity 365 Services

The paperwork for the administration of a private company is an enormous amount of work. No matter how many shareholders there are, companies are required to keep careful records, hold board and shareholder meetings, and keep shareholders apprised of company activity. And that is just the beginning. There are corporate resolutions, proxy voting, shareholder lists and management, signatures required, and the list goes on.

Now multiply that job by a big number of shareholders, and the administrative duties become infinitely more complex. There are big companies with many shareholders that remain private, such as Cargill, Deloitte, and Ikea.

Who can benefit from using Equity 365?

Fully Managed Software Solution for Corporate Administration

Equity 365 has developed a fully managed solution for this corporate administration that benefits everyone including:

Company Employees

Those who are normally tasked with writing to shareholders, obtaining signatures, and handling transactions will find it much faster and more efficient to use our services and turn this process into an electronic one instead of a paper one.

Since our solution is fully encrypted and satisfies the prevailing security requirements, the company no longer has to worry about the security of sending documents and obtaining signatures.

Lawyers and Brokers

We liaise with your corporate lawyers, stockbrokers and transfer agents to facilitate and streamline administration of documents.


Shareholders can receive and sign documents electronically. This is much faster and more efficient for companies needing documents signed on a timely basis.

Buying and selling shares privately can now be performed electronically. What used to be a cumbersome and difficult process is now streamlined.

Company Decision Makers

Since our service makes it much easier to manage notices and obtain signatures—for proxy voting, for example—corporate strategy becomes much easier to plan.

Equity 365 by Greenhill Equity Solutions is the service everyone has been waiting for. A fully-managed electronic solution for shareholder management. If your employees are struggling to do all of the above by hand, then contact us today about how Equity 365 can manage it for you, seamlessly, electronically, and reliably.