Shareholder Updates

Shareholder updates are a two-way street. The shareholder often needs to update the company on any changes in name or contact information, and the company may also need to update the shareholder with new information about the company.

Save Time on Administrative Duties

Equity 365 makes both of those administrative duties possible. Shareholders can update their own information themselves, and the software can prompt them to do so. Equity 365 can then forward this information electronically to the transfer agent eliminating any possibility of transcription error.

Similarly, the private company can send information easily and directly to shareholders without any envelopes or stamps or printing and paper. If a signature or vote or anything is needed from the shareholder, the software can prompt them for it. The program keeps track of what is happening and can generate reports to employees of who has not responded or updated or verified their information or signed or voted, so that these leads can be followed up.

Easily Keep Your Shareholder List Up-to-Date with Equity 365

Most manually kept shareholder lists are full of errors. Equity 365 reduces or eliminates these errors by constantly updating the lists to keep them current and error-free. This saves time and money and allows company employees to keep busy running the company instead of chasing telephone numbers and addresses.

If you would like to learn more about having your private company go digital with its corporate administration, safely, securely, and efficiently, contact us today.