Equity 365 Services

Equity 365 has developed the first, fully managed, secure electronic shareholder solution for private companies. We lower your risks of human error by managing your database of shareholders along with all the documents needed for corporate administration.

Our solution includes the ability to manage the following common requirements for private companies that also often require signatures:

Private Placements

Companies do private placements to select investors as a way to raise capital. We can manage the administration of private placements electronically.

Equity 365 Software efficiently manages private placements

Corporate Administration

Corporate administration involves keeping track of all your shareholders and communicating with them on a regular basis as well as holding required shareholder meetings and managing proxies. Equity 365 does all this electronically, and together under one umbrella, so you don’t have to do it manually.

Equity 365 Software streamlines corporate administration.

Shareholder Updates

Companies need to regularly update shareholders. Our fully managed solution makes doing this electronically and seamlessly as part of your regular operations an easy task.

Equity 365 Software simplifies shareholder updates.

Private Share Transactions

Working with your transfer agent, we facilitate and execute private share transactions, a task that used to be difficult and time-consuming. We manage all the paperwork and the signatures, electronically.

Equity 365 Software records private share transactions.

Meetings and Proxies

Private companies have meetings and need to solicit proxies just like public companies do. Managing this paperwork and obtaining signatures is always a painful and cumbersome job. Equity 365 makes this an easy electronic solution.

Equity 365 Software manages the paperwork and signatures related to meetings and proxies.

Being able to manage all these corporate administrative tasks is difficult and time-consuming to do manually, and there is plenty of room for human error. The Equity 365 service turns this into an instant, electronic solution that is secure, efficient, and sorely needed.

Contact us today to learn how we can help your private company move your administrative processes into a seamless computerized solution.