Private Share Transactions

In private companies, since shares are not traded on an open exchange like public companies, the transactions are often slow and complicated. There is a lot of paperwork, which differs with different transfer agents. Unless the buyer and seller know each other, it can be difficult to buy or sell shares.

Faster Private Share Transactions with Equity 365

Equity 365 has a solution for this. First, Greenhill Equity can offer escrow services to enable transactions between an anonymous buyer and seller. Second, by enabling the secure transfer of documents digitally and allowing for e-signatures, Equity 365 can process these types of transactions much faster, achieving in days what used to take months.

Between the matching of buyers and sellers, the transfer of funds, the distribution of documents and the enabling of e-signatures, private share transactions within private companies are now easy, secure, and efficient. There is no more hand wringing and time wasting. Equity 365 can make this happen right now, anywhere in North America.

If your private company is ready to enter the digital age and do things faster and more efficiently than ever before, then contact us, and let us figure out a customized solution for you to digitize your corporate administration and shareholder management.