Private Placements

Private placements are traditionally cumbersome from an administrative perspective. There are reams of paper, documents to be filled out, verified, and transcribed. Investors’ information and status have to be verified, and then documents have to be generated and signed. Funds have to be transferred. The list goes on and on.

Allow Shareholders to Access Documents Digitally

Equity 365 has developed a system to digitize this, reducing transcription errors, making tracking and verifying easier, and efficiently showing a shareholder only those forms relevant to him or her.

Client filling out private placement paperwork online

Shareholders seeking to participate in a private placement can access the paperwork digitally through a browser from their computer or smartphone. All paperwork is filled out online, verified and tracked by our secure system.

Investors are prompted for signatures, or initials, and then receives their appropriate documents and wiring instructions. When a wire is complete, the investor receives the documents he or she is due, and the system keeps track of the pending or completed transaction.

Save Time and Reduce Transcription Errors with Equity 365's Private Placement Service

Basically, the Equity 365 system is much faster, more efficient, and more secure. Transcription errors are reduced, and the required man hours of time spent checking and rechecking all these details are done away with. This is a big change in the evolution of private placements.

Private placements are just one of many administrative chores that Equity 365 will accomplish better and faster than ever before for those in corporate administration.

If you would like to learn more about having your private company go digital with its corporate administration, safely, securely, and efficiently, contact us today.