The Equity 365 Software Platform

Efficient Shareholder Management

Our software platform for the shareholder management and the corporate administration of private companies is the first of its kind. We developed it to fill a need because we understood the onerous nature, paperwork, and man hours required to do this job.

What We Can Do For You And Your Company

Equity 365 Software Shareholder and Investor Screenshot


One part of the equation is a database. We keep the records of your shareholder and investor information all in one place and up to date. Traditionally, this type of information is hopelessly out of date and fraught with transcription errors. We have eliminated that problem.


We have an email functionality that enables you to digitally send information or documents or files to as many shareholders or investors as needed. This eliminates stuffing envelopes and hiring extra staff to do so.

Equity 365 Software Signatures Screenshot


Our platform is compatible with many file types. That means you can send or make available to shareholders many different file types.


The system can prompt shareholders or investors to do whatever you need them to do, such as sign documents, return proxies, or send funds for private placements. This function means your staff no longer have to call people from outdated contact lists. We can use electronic prompts.


You no longer have to wait for signed documents to come by mail, courier, or not at all. We have enabled e-signatures that are executed online and instantly.

Equity 365 Software Signatures Screenshot
Equity 365 Software Reporting Screenshot


We connect with your lawyer, transfer agents and banks to so everyone is connected and the transfer of documents and funds is fast and efficient.


You will be able to see the status of everything in the system or anything pending through our daily reports. For example, you will see how many proxies were voted and the tally or you can see who has sent funds for a private placement or how many signatures you are lacking.


Everything noted above is available 24 hours per day and seven days per week. We also have available highly trained customer service people that you can talk to on the phone if needed.

Equity 365 Software Document Status screenshot


Everything is accessible online through a browser on a computer or smartphone. No one has to download and/or install any software, ever.


We meet or exceed all the compliance and security rules in the United States and Canada. Your company’s and your shareholders’ information is safe and secure, every hour of every day. We employ state-of-the-art encryption.

We create a custom functionality specific to your company and your needs. Our platform does everything for you, and all the functions are linked together, so the result is seamless and efficient. In addition, we consult with you at all times and are available to help with whatever you need to make the system do whatever you need it to do and work for you and your shareholders.

Equity 365 Software Document Status screenshot

This is just a brief look at our platform. Contact us today and let us help you bring your private company into the digital age. The future is here with Equity 365.