Corporate Administration

The corporate administration for a private company may involve not just keeping track of all the shareholders, investors, and their contact information—which is constantly changing—but also making sure that the right people receive the right documents.

Equity 365 Makes Issuing and Collecting Signed Shareholder Documents Easy!

Documents that need to be signed and returned have to be kept track of. And that is just the beginning.

Like public companies, private companies have Annual General Meetings or AGMs with Quorums that have to be met. These require the company to issue of proxies and collect votes from shareholders. Outside of that, there are board minutes, resolutions, and options and warrants issued by the company to track and manage as well. Some companies even have to hire extra staff around the time of the AGM because there is traditionally so much paperwork.

Equity 365 can manage and handle all of these duties for you. Our software can keep up-to-date lists of shareholders and makes sure the right people receive the documents.

E-Signing corporate documents

Need E-Signatures? Equity 365 Can Do That Too!

If signatures are needed, then e-signatures are available and the persons needing to sign will be prompted to do so. Signed documents are tracked and catalogued.

Our software manages all of this together and in real-time. Furthermore, the shareholders can access their relevant information online 24/7.

We satisfy the compliance rules in both Canada and the United States for private companies. We take care of all your shareholder management and administration together in one place, virtually.

Equity 365 can also work with your designated transfer agents, lawyers, and banks to make transactions work efficiently and seamlessly.

For a digital solution to efficient shareholder management and corporate administration for private companies, contact us and find out how we can help you do things better, faster, and more securely than you are doing now. The future of shareholder and administration management is finally here. Contact Equity 365 for your customized virtual solution.