About Equity 365

Equity 365 is Greenhill Equity’s shareholder management solution. We combine our proprietary software with corporate consulting and knowledge of the industry to offer a digital solution to shareholder management for private companies in the United States and Canada.

We digitize everything that used to be done by hand: things like shareholder contact information, forms that needs to filled out, documents that need to be signed, and information that needs to be sent out to shareholders. We have created fillable forms and use e-signatures to make the transfer of information and documents fast and easy, secure and trackable.

Using state-of-the-art encryption and the highest security standards, we fulfill the compliance requirements in both the United States and Canada to transform your corporate administration. In addition, we can liaise with your lawyers, transfer agents, and banks, to create a seamless digital solution.

Shareholder management software

You will speed up your processes and transactions, make your administration much more efficient, and reduce your need for added staff just to stuff envelopes and track if voted proxies came back on time.

Private companies choose Equity 365 because we are the future of corporate administration, and we are here today. Corporate administration is going digital, and it’s about time. Welcome to Equity 365.

If you would like to learn more about having your private company go digital with its corporate administration, safely, securely, and efficiently, contact us today.